Due to Technical difficulties...

Well I had an issue with my Wacom tablet just before I went to San Diego to visit family. The USB's suddenly stopped working and no matter what I did nothing fixed it.

I downloaded new usb drivers through Intel, restarted, cleaned up trash from the computer, tried to troubleshoot the hardware, but the USB's didn't respond.

So I sent an email to WACOM about the issue, bracing to be told I needed to send it in to get the hardware replaced (Worst Case Motherboard). It's about six months out of warantee and I would have been pissed.

The email I got back I side-eyed hard. And I quote: Can you please power drain the tablet to see if the issue is caused by static energy?

To power drain it please turn off the tablet, disconnect the power, then press and hold the power button for 15 secconds. Turn on the tablet and test if issue persist.

I thought it sounded supremely hoakey. But okay, if it will save me from sending in for a costly repair, I'll try it. And it WORKED! O_o This is why I'm not IT!

What that means for my schedule...

Well I lost production for four days, and I am now behind the power curve with any form of buffer. So I am going to extend my abrupt hiatus by one full week, in order to get my feet back under me buffer wise. So Michael will resume updates December 5th and DO will resume on December 8th. I apologize, this was VERY unforseen with a tablet just over a year old.

The Devil's Own Novel!

That's right the story the comic is based on is now available for PREORDER for the Kindle version!

Join Dominic as he must fight for the very sufvival of his House after delegates from the United Territories visit and turn his carefully ordered world upside down!

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