Will it Never End??

Got Antho done! WOO! That's the good news...

The not so good news, RL has thrown rocks at my windows again...

Between the up in the air school schedule and my trees continuing to shed limbs on important parts of my yard (followed by Got No Brain for Art 'cuz is exhausted), I've really gotten behind the eight ball again. So... I'm extending hiatus ONE MORE WEEK. Return is now tentatively August 10th, in the hopes that life will let up and allow me to get some kind of meager buffer going for my titles.

Speaking of Hiatus

I will be taking a scheuled hiatus on both my titles this October. October tends to be super busy, and this year we're back at it full bore with hunting, grades will be due for, School etc. So I'm calling for guest art NOW in the hopes that I can get some help covering the month! IF you are interesting Contact Me or Send me your Art and specify which webcomic you'd like to help me fill in the gaps for!

Yup... year of the hiatus indeed!!!

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