Almost June!!

That's right, which means in just a few weeks I will be on another summer vacation! BOY do I have plans. We'll see how many (if any) of them come to fruition!

  • Final edits on, prep for print for Michael: Relations.
  • Finish writing (?) Michael: Saying No is Harder than it Sound (AAAAA the last YA with this cast)
  • Finish The Devil's Own and start prepping it for PDF on Gumroad.
  • Deepen the current buffer for All Legends Die before it goes live in August!
Of the list the first, third, and fourth are the most probable. Wish me luck!

SpiderForest's Anthology FUNDED!!

Thank you to all those who took the time to spread the word and back our latest anthology "Immortal"! We even managed a Stretch Goal of Stickers on the last day of the campaign! WHOOP! We couldn't have done it with out all of you!!

SpiderForest Application Season Approaches!

That's right start preparing your application portfolio! SpiderForest is having their Summer Application season from June 10-30! If you're looking for a group that values diversity and works to lift every member up, consider applying for membership!

Please check out the Apply Page for all the requirements!

ALD Rollout News

"All Legends Die" will permiere August 1st, 2024!! Join me as I wrap this whole Only Half Saga Up!

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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Rowen has questions for Michael.

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Questions of Leadership.