Breathe in.... Breathe out...

There are years where things just go south.... all the time. 2020 is one of those years for a lot of us... including me. It's definitely hard to keep a schedule when RL things keep reprioritizing my time. This time? My horse Windy got sick and began to lose drastic amounts of weight. Despite everything the Vet and I did, she did not recover. This happened Friday night, I had to arrange for the body to be removed from the property (because burying a horse is in no way practical - but also very frowned upon where we live), plus the lovely cycle of grief from losing a member of the family the past 19 years.

Needless to say my schedule has once again been thrown off. I have moments where I'm fine and others where I'm fighting back the tears, and I can't predict when my brain will be in the game and for how long.

The saving grace is that I have a week off from work, so I can hopefully make up the time I've lost in the above endeavor and keep myself at least two weeks deep in updates.

My Written Works

Speaking of... As I've said in the past, I base all of my webcomics on written works, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the places you can find them:

  • Printed Novels on Amazon - all of my fifteen books can be found here in print and Kindle! There is even an exclusive TOHS Trilogy on there in Kindle Format
  • WIP Stories on Fictionpress - These are stories that are in the process of being written or edited. So you get a sneak peek at up coming works and can even help me polish them some more.
  • WIP Stories on Wattpad - These are also Works in progress, but the selection of stories is slightly different from FP's collection
  • I am always down for constructive critique! I love reviews and comments, so please stop by one of the above and see if there is anything you can get into!

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