Making SOME Progress!

I'm slowly building buffer. Two weeks are made for Michael, but only one week for TOHS: The Devil's Own. I am hoping to take some time to get a deeper buffer before the titles resume in November.

Of Dhampirs and Warlocks Novel!

October 15th will mark the release of "Of Dhampirs and Warlocks" as a Novel! This Prequel to the webcomic will fill in some of the gaps about Garrett's upbringing as well as the things that drove his decision to become part of Victor Sierra!

It will also touch on how Garrett and Cabal first met and why they hate each other so much.

You can peruse the lisitng now as well as preorder your Kindle version for your Kindle, Phone, or tablet!

Help support this indie Author and get some much needed backstory!

October Hiatus

I am still looking for a few more Guest Arts to fill weeks of my hiatus! Please email me if you'd like to contribute some art to my REGULAR hiatus. Full credit will be given, so if you have a website, or a DA profile or something include them with any art you send!

Thank you!

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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Concept for Anger Management's Cover

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Guest Art by Maiji of Now Recharging