A Tired Hello

Yup, the weekend wasn't restful. Go figure. LOL! Michael returns this week from chapter break! WHOOP! DO is going to be headed for a chapter break in just a few weeks!

Michael Returns!

That's right! "The Board" begins on today! Michael fights to stay in school and argues to reinstate Principal Matthews to his position at New Fresno High School.

Comics of the Week!

That's right it's that time of year again! Join me weekly, here, on Michael, and on The Devil's Own as we spotlight comics from the SpiderForest Webcomics Collective! This is an excellent opportunity to add to your repetoire of webcomic reading!

Week of Jan 30 - Feb 05

Here Without You

C/O 3 Doors Down

Separation from all one knows is never easy. Whether ousted during a war, or piercing the veil to another world, these travelers will have to learn to survive in their new environments.

Sao and the Glow of Memories
Sao and the Glow of Memories - A boy's journey into a world on the brink in search of his abducted clan. Along the way, he must bond with unlikely allies, learn the true power of memory, and confront a corrupting evil born from the legacy of men.

Tuppence for Stardust
Tuppence for Stardust - A young faerie girl tries to navigate the perils of magic, friendship, fairy tales, and 1980s Britain.
[Tuppence for Stardust Webtoon Mirror]

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After hearing the Twitter Shenanigans and lots of recommendations from fellow creators I've decided to give Mastadon a test run! You can find my new profile there! And if you have any instances to recommend I'm interested!

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The Board Begins!

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The battle continues...