My Favorite Time of Year!!

That's right one week until we roll into October and closer to Halloween! WHOOP!

In that vein, I wanted to announce a few things upcoming in October!

Midnight PDF Incoming!

My very Halloween oriented horror comic Midnight, and it's sister story Master of Fates will be released as a webcomic PDF on my Gumroad! This 33 page PDF file will include the current versions of the comics as well as Midnight concepts and the original versions of the comics. Be looking for it on October 15th! In the meantime, check out my Gumroad Page to see what other comic offerings are already there for your perusal!!

You Prefer the Prose Versions?

Well have I got a deal for you! I will be posting the written version of Midnight on Wattpad or FictionPress beginning on October 15 and Master of Fates on October 30th! They have much more information than the webcomic versions (I definitely had to truncate some events!)

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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Michael didn't get the memo about cats and curiosity!

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A wish for better weapons...