Need Another Week

I just returned from my weeklong vacation and I didn't really get any time to sit down and do comic work (or writing for that matter X( ). So I'm extending see saw one more week in the hopes that I can take time each day to turn out a comic page between now and next weekend!

So I am calling it: Normal updates will resume on the week of June 21st for both TOHS: The Devil's Own and Michael!

SpiderForest Application Season is HERE!

That's right! Now until June 30, SpiderForest will be opening applications for SELF-HOSTED comics looking for a community of like minded creators engage with with the goal of mutual improvement. We are unable to offer hosting for those who want to come over from Webtoons, Tapas, Comic Fury and the like at this time. We hope to open our doors a bit wider for the 2022 App season.

Gemutations: Plague (Vol 4) PDF!

Set the date! June 15 the newest 105 page PDF of the continuing saga of Gemutations: Plague! This PDF includes five chapters of webcomics (One Step Closer to Catching a Break) and includes Extras such as Gemue Zodiac and Mermay efforts with the cast! I have set June 15th as the date to make the fourth Volume of Gemutations: Plague available for readers to purchase! I will update

In the meantime please stop by and give my store a look? I've got three volumes of Gemutations: Plague up as well as TOHS Offerings "Before the Fall" "Endgame" and "Of Dhampirs and Warlocks". In addition I've got my first Anthology offering "Spider Warrior" in a short standalone PDF!

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