What's the Haps?

That Didn't Work Out

So I was all excited for the idea that I was getting a week off and was going to be able to work more art right?

Yeahhh.... uh I got caught up in writing and editing a story instead... The brain goes where the brain goes sometimes.

That means I am a bit shy on buffer right now for Michael O_o. I have plans to get the next page in today, but that still means I'm back to hopscotching updates, which is where I hoped not to be so soon after getting my buffer built.

TOHS is in decent shape with three more updates, but again, not really where I wanted to be.

SpiderForest Got a Facelift!

If you haven't stopped by SpiderForest's Home Page lately, swing by and take a look! Alyssa of Lapse has been working hard to build our site from the ground up and it's pretty fabulous! Swing by and have a looksee! Lots of neat features incorporated!

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