The Heat is Killing Me

I love where I live overall, but dealing with triple digit weather in the summer can be a pain in the arse! That is all...LOL!

Posting Stories on WattPad!

I recently joined Wattpad after DECADES of working my stories through Fictionpress. I'm using it as a "mirror" to Fictionpress, but I will also be posting stories there that will not go up on Fictionpress. Darwin's Drabbles, in particular, will be exclusively a Wattpad event.

Michael on PDF

Alright, progress on the PDF! I finished gathering the comic together as TIFFs and put together a draft of the PDF to be sure everything looks good! There will be approximately 107 pages of comic content, and including the extras the PDF will be coming to a litle over 120 pages! The plan is to polish those last few things bugging me and have it ready to post on gumroad by July 15th! Please keep an eye out here, twitter, and on my discord account for updates!

SpiderForest Application Season!

We are two days away from the Application season closing! There's still time to get your applications to the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective.

For more information and FAQ's please stop by the Apply Page.

Good luck to all who apply.

This Week on Darwin Comics!

(Updates Monday)

All Hell Breaks Loose Begins!

(Updates Thursdays)

Interlude... these two guys again?