New Novel Release Sep 30!

That's right, the final proofing edits are done and uploaded, formatting is double and triple checked, which means we're on track for a September 30th Release! Kindle preorders are already available! Check out Tales of Victor Sierra's book listing on Amazon!

Tales of Victor Sierra is a collection of three Pre-Apocalypse, Only Half Universe short stories, which focus on Victor Sierra's mission to "protect" humans from depredation by supernatural entities. It includes:

  • White Out (Revamped and improved from the first printing)
  • Refuge
  • Lost and Found
All three center around Brenda Volstead, a long time Qaanaaq resident, and Jacob Miles, who face off against a threat that is anything but typical.

Michael: Relations Novel in the Pipes!

With the completion of ToVS, I will be turning my attention to the next Michael novel! Set in Michael's junior year of high school, this one wil be focusing on how his relations get affected by an unthinking decision. The situation only dovetails with a new smear campaign arises attacking him and his friends. Will his circle make it through the maelstrom?

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