School's Out for Summer (almost)

This is it! The last week of the 2020 school year. I have mixed feelings about it... I miss my classroom and interacting in person with my students... in that manner this year has been disappointing. Distance Learning has been stressful in light of why we're doing it and how we pretty much got dropkicked into the new role. I'm looking forward to releasing that stress for a while... to be able to concentrate on things that I want to do creatively. I'm not quite there yet, but that part I'm looking forward to.

Just a few more items of business to take care of and then my days will be mine for a while!

SpiderForest Application Season Approaches!

That's right it's that time of year again! Spiderforest, a volunteer run collective since 2004, is accepting applications for new members starting June 8th and running through June 30th! That's just one week away!!

If you have a long form comic with at least one non-prologue chapter complete, or a strip comic that has at least 25 pages, and you're looking to join a community focused on improvement and support, consider applying to SpiderForest! For more information and FAQ's please stop by the Apply Page.

Good luck to all who apply.

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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'Cause I'm a Joker...

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Death toll and clues...