Ramping up.

Well the first week of school is down and in the books. I can see a lot of eagerness to get things going here and I really hope I can get my studetnts to love reading and writing! I know it's still honeymoon period, but hey that's when you put down a good foundation for the rest of the year right?

SpiderForest New Members Announced Soon!

Our new members are busy making space in their corner of the internet for their new place in our community! Hopefully we'll be able to make an announcement soon! Be on the look out for news on that shortly.

Updated Book Stores!

That's right! I sat down and made an on line form readers can use to buy my novels from me directly! You can find it on my Novels Page. The only limitation is that it is set up for Domestic (Within the US) rates for shipping. IF you're an international reader please use the international button and we can work together to arrange for shipping costs.

My Gum Road PDF files now have their own page!

You'll notice the buttons to the left have been updated to reflect the change.

This Week on Darwin Comics!

(Updates Monday)

The whole family....

(Updates Thursdays)

Suddenly Psychic...