Back Up and Running!

Okay I've spent the better part of two days following the arrival of my new computer setting up all my necessary programs! Barring anything I've forgotten I should be ready to kick some artistic butt!

I did manage a few pages on the old Cintiq Companion while I waited and piecemealed my interactions off my hubby's travel laptop. So I'm not TOO far behind on things!

FYI, I splurged. I got the new Wacom Studio Pro 13.3 inch (I wanted a computer that would fit on the adapter for my arm easily!). I'm liking it (but I liked both my Companions as well. I just shouldn't have bout a refurb that second time.)

Michael Resumes August 2nd!

Monday August 2nd Michael will begin it's latest chapter "Mixed Signals". After the events of the previous day, Michael is certainly not looking forward to returning to school. What exactly will his day hold?

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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Chapter break, great time to catch up!

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What do you mean MY disposal?