Where is this year going in such a hurry?

I swear things are accelerating this year. It feels as if it was JUST JANUARY! WTH 2023?

That said, I've been feeling rather productive lately! I'm weeks ahead on both titles, and I am starting to plan the next (and last) TOHS arc once Devil's Own is complete.

More to come on that once things are solidified.

A Big THANK YOU for supporting COTW!

On behalf of myself and all of the SpiderForest Webcomic Creators, thank you very much for stopping by the spotlighted comics each week and supporting our fellow comic creators! It's a success only because of you guys and I truly appreciate it!

Upcoming Novel for 2023!

I am getting very close to being ready to publish my TOHS short story collection "Tales of Victor Sierra"! It contains an upgraded version of "White Out" as well as two brand new stories "Refuge" and "Lost and Found".

Tentative Publishing Date will be October 2023. I still have front and back matter as well as the book cover to paint! I am excited about this new collection, because, while it originates in the Only Half Universe it's only the second time I've delved into the before Apocalypse World I've created.

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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There's the Elephant in the room!

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Miranda pines for Cabal's return.