The End is Nigh!

Well that sounded ominous didn't it? This coming week is the last week of this school year! WHOOP!!! I am so ready for it. SO SO ready for it!

What that means for my summer? That remains to be seen. Have a couple of trips planned, but it's the in between that I'm wondering about. I always get high hopes that I will get REALLY prolific in my creative side. And that is almost always a bit short of the mark! :P

I hope I don't fall too short. When I get some time to think about my projects in earnest, I'll thrown my wish list up here for you guys to see!

SpiderForest Application Season is Coming!

That's right. It's that time of year again! Do you have a strip comic with at least fifteen strips or long form comic with at least one complete non-prologue story arc? Are you looking to join a community focused on comraderie and improving the craft? Now's your chance! SpiderForest will be accepting applications from June 4-30!

Please check out our Apply Page for more information!

Upcoming Novel for 2023!

I am getting very close to being ready to publish my TOHS short story collection "Tales of Victor Sierra"! It contains an upgraded version of "White Out" as well as two brand new stories "Refuge" and "Lost and Found".

Tentative Publishing Date will be October 2023. I still have front and back matter as well as the book cover to paint! I am excited about this new collection, because, while it originates in the Only Half Universe it's only the second time I've delved into the before Apocalypse World I've created.

This Week on Darwin Comics!

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Filler art: Future Michael

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As the end draws near...